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First GAME OF THRONES Season 4 posters unveiled

HBO has unveiled its first set of posters for Season 4 of Game of Thrones. These depict the prominent members of the Lannister family: Charles Dance as Tywin, Peter Dinklage as Tyrion, Jack Gleeson as Joffrey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime and Lena Headey as Cersei.

Valar Morghulis of course means, "All Men Must Die," in High Valyrian. Game of Thrones returns on 6 April in the US and the following day in the UK.

GODZILLA full trailer

I was unimpressed when I first heard about this, but each trailer they release is more and more impressive. It's also good that they're acknowledging the original Japanese films.

The film will be released on 16 May.

Possibly not to scale.

15th Les Étoiles d'Or du Cinéma Award Winners

As every year and just before the awards César ceremony (next Friday) the more than 400 specialized press journalists that belong to l’Académie des Étoiles d’Or du Cinéma Français announced their award winners and as everyone has been expecting Kechiche's master opus won the top awards.

Perhaps what is more interesting is that last year top award was given to Audiard's film instead of Haneke's which did not happen at the César, so does this means that Kechiche will not win next Friday? Well, I do not think so as his movie, La Vie d' Adèle, will surely collect honors at the upcoming César awards.

These are the winners that you can also check at the official site.

Best Film: La vie d’Adèle chapitres 1 & 2

Best Director: Abdellatif Kechiche for La vie d’Adèle chapitres 1 & 2
Best Debut Film: Les garçons et Guillaume, à table !, Guillaume Gallienne

Best Actress: Adèle Exarchopoulos in La vie d’Adèle chapitres 1 & 2
Best Actor: Guillaume Gallienne in Les garçons et Guillaume, à table !
Best Female Newcomer: Adèle Exarchopoulos in La vie d’Adèle chapitres 1 & 2
Best Male Newcomer: Vincent Macaigne in La Bataille de Solférino

Best Screenplay: Albert Dupontel and Laurent Turner for 9 mois ferme
Original Score Compositor: Alexandre Desplat

Best Documentary: La Maison de la Radio, Nicolas Philibert

Industry Awards
Production: Wild Bunch
Distributor: Wild Bunch Distribution

Indeed last year Audiard's film won top award and Michael Haneke won best director, but this year we can clearly see that Kechiche master opus won four awards which undoubtedly suggests that the Cannes Palm d'Or winner has really good chances to be highly honored next Friday. Let's hope so and also let's hope that we can see the live streaming, sigh.

GAME OF THRONES Season 4 fan trailer

A fan's put together a new trailer for Season 4 of Game of Thrones, drawing on the already-released trailers and preview material. The music is New Zealand singer Lorde's cover of Tears For Fears's 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World'.

Season 4 of Game of Thrones starts airing on Sunday 6 April in the United States on HBO and in the UK the following evening on Sky Atlantic.

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RIP Harold Ramis

Actor, writer, director, producer and comedian Harold Ramis has passed away at the age of 69.

Born in Chicago, Ramis is best-known visually for his performance as Egon Spengler on the two Ghostbusters movies, where he starred alongside Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd. He reprised the role for what would prove to be his final acting appearance, as a voice-over for the Ghostbusters video game in 2009. He also co-wrote both films. Previous to that success, he'd appeared on the successful 1981 comedy movie Stripes and on the Canadian sketch show Second City.

However, Ramis will likely be remembered more for his impressive directing resume, which includes Caddyshack, National Lampoon's Vacation, Multiplicity, Analyze This, episodes of the American version of The Office and, of course, the classic Groundhog Day.

Ramis was expected to reprise his role as Egon, possibly just for a cameo, for the long-in-development Ghostbusters III. Following his passing, it is even more doubtful if the project will ever be made (at least with the involvement of any the original cast).

This is sad news. Like anyone else who grew up in the 1980s, Ghostbusters and its sequel were a huge part of my childhood, whilst Groundhog Day remains a classic take on a difficult-to-make-work science fiction premise. He will be missed.

Update: Ghostbusters fans in New York have been leaving tributes at the 8th Hook and Ladder  Firehouse on North More Street, Manhattan. This was where the firehouse exterior scenes for both movies were filmed. Inevitably, the tributes include Twinkies.

The Vorkosigan Saga Reading Order

As I'm making my way through Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga, I've run afoul a few times of fact that the chronological, publication and reading orders of the series seem to all differ from one another. So I thought it might be useful to put up the differing lists here to help others planning to read the books.

The cover art for Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, the most recent-published novel in the saga.

Chronological Order

The chronological order is fairly straightforward, though not necessarily the best reading order (that would be omnibus order, posted below).

'Dreamweaver's Dilemma' (short story, set many centuries Before Miles's birth)
Falling Free (200 BM)
Shards of Honor(2-1 BM)
'Aftermaths' (2-1 BM)
Barrayar (1-0 BM)
The Warrior's Apprentice (17th year of  Miles Vorkosigan's life)
'Mountains of Mourning' (20 MV)
The Vor Game (20 MV)
Cetaganda (22 MV)
Ethan of Athos (22 MV)
'Labyrinth' (23 MV)
'Borders of Infinity' (novella version) (24 MV)
Brothers in Arms (24 MV)
Borders of Infinity(framing story) (25 MV)
Mirror Dance (28 MV)
Memory (29-30 MV)
Komarr (30 MV)
A Civil Campaign (30 MV)
'Winterfair Gifts' (31 MV)
Diplomatic Immunity(32 MV)
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (35 MV)
Cryoburn (39 MV)

Ideal reading order by omnibus

This is the easiest, cheapest and best-recommended way of reading the series, a couple of oddities aside. 'Labyrinth' appears twice for some reason and Falling Free (the earliest-set novel) is thrown rather randomly into the middle of the series, but beyond that it's fairly straightforward. It should be noted that Captain Vorpatril's Alliance and Cryoburn are only available as single novels at the moment, although it is assumed that at some point in the future Baen will collect them together. Memory will apparently remain a stand-alone novel due to its position as the biggest gamechanger in the series to date and the thematic awkwardness of combining it with other works.

Cordelia's Honour (Shards of Honour, 'Aftermaths', Barrayar)
Young Miles (The Warrior's Apprentice, 'The Mountains of Mourning', The Vor Game)
Miles, Mystery and Mayhem (Cetaganda, Ethan of Athos, 'Labyrinth')
Miles Errant ('Borders of Infinity', Brothers in Arms, Mirror Dance)
Memory (not part of an omnibus)
Miles, Mutants and Microbes (Falling Free, 'Labyrinth', Diplomatic Immunity)
Miles in Love (Komarr, A Civil Campaign, 'Winterfair Gifts')
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (not yet part of an omnibus)
Cryoburn (not yet part of an omnibus)

Publication order

Publication order sort-of works - it's the order that Bujold wrote the stories in, after all - but she jumps back and forth in Miles's life fairly randomly. Those who prefer a chronological progression are directed to the reading order by omnibus, but publication order works for those who prefer to read the books in - more or less (Barrayar was half-written as the continuation of Shards of Honour, abandoned for several years, and then completed) - the order the author wrote them.

'Aftermaths' (Spring 1986)
Shards of Honour (June 1986)
The Warrior's Apprentice (August 1986)
Ethan of Athos (December 1986)
Falling Free (serialised in December 1987-February 1988, in Analog)
Brothers in Arms (January 1989)
'The Mountains of Mourning' (May 1989)
'Labyrinth' (August 1989, in Analog)
Borders of Infinity (October 1989)
'Weatherman' (February 1990, in Analog, later integrated as the opening of The Vor Game)
The Vor Game (September 1990)
Barrayar (serialised July-September 1991, in Analog)
Mirror Dance (1994)
Cetaganda (October-December 1995)
'Dreamweaver's Dilemma' (February 1996, in Dreamweaver's Dilemma)
Memory (October 1996)
Komarr (June 1998)
A Civil Campaign (September 1999)
Diplomatic Immunity (May 2002)
'Winterfair Gifts' (February 2004, in the Irresistible Forces anthology)
Cryoburn (October 2010)
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (November 2012)