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47th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - Festival Daily

I have been reading the festival Daily and since find it quite interesting decided to share with you all.

I'm using issuu to publish the pdf file at the fest site, so it is a lot easier to read; but if you wish to read it at the official festival website please go here. All copy rights belong to the festival.

Will be adding daily each Festival Daily, so please come back each day to this post to read the news.

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Suggest to read great interview with Helen Mirren.
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Suggest to read Boyd van Hoeij -one of my favorite professional movie reviewers- brief movie reviews.

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15th Shanghai International Film Festival Award Winners

Recently the fest that run from June 16 to 24 had their award ceremony and here are the award winners.

Golden Goblet Award
Best Feature Film: Khers (Bear), Khosrow Masoumi, Iran
Jury Grand Prix: Pour l'amour de Dieu (For The Love of God), Micheline Lanctôt, Canada

Best Director: Gao Qunshu for Shen Tan Heng Te Zhang (Detective Hunter Zhang), China
Best Screenplay: Kenji Uchida for 鍵泥棒のメソッド Kagi Dorobō no Method (Key of Life), Kenji Uchida, Japan
Best Cinematography: Shi Luan for 萧红 Xiao Hong (Falling Flowers), Huo Jianqi, China
Best Music: Avshalom Caspi for De Tu Ventana a la Mía (Chrysalis), Paula Ortiz, Spain

Best Actress: Ursula Pruneda in El sueño de Lu (The Dream of Lu), Carlos Sama, Mexico
Best Actor: Vladas Bagdonas in Дирижер Dirizhyor (The Conductor), Pavel Lungin, Russia

To read the official announcement go here.

Asian New Talent Award
Best Film: Kshay (Corrode), Karan Gour, India
Jury Prix: 大藍湖 Big Blue Lake, Jessey Tsang (aka Tsang Tsui Shan), Hong Kong and China
Best Director: Peng Li for 乐队 Follow, Follow, China

To read the official announcement go here.

China Movie Channel Media Award
Best Picture: 一八九四•甲午大海战 Jia Wu Da Hai Zhan, Feng Xiaoning, China

To learn winners in other categories, best director, lead and supporting actors, go here.

This year I followed very close the fest via twitter which has become an invaluable tool to get serious and not-so-serious reactions to everything that happened in fest.


Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Story is not exactly what I imagined as I was captivated by the trailer and imagined something quite different. It's not the first time trailer is deceptive but it's the first time that watching so many unpleasant characters make me uncomfortable as definitively did not met my expectations. But characters could not be that unpleasant if actors wouldn't be so good, especially hilarious Kirstin Scott Thomas. But soon enough I was inside the movie, forgot all unpleasantness and enjoyed the ride.

Indeed is a rom-com but Lasse Hallström movie plays with many more themes that easily engage you with this non-predictable story; from all the issues touched perhaps the one that got me more interested was the relationship between fishing and faith (or religion if you wish) as not often you have a very religious-oriented character dealing the subject of faith with a scientist. Then, even if some say that movie lost most of the great satire from the book, I found the hilarious caricature-satire quite funny in a very darkish way. So I had fun with movie, enjoyed the seriousness beneath and well, liked the romance side too.

As many BBC productions, movie is not a masterpiece but has great production values, good cinematography and an interesting storytelling style that not gives away what comes next (one exception), so you will enjoy the ride as well as the destination. In the end is a feel good movie that will entertain you especially if you haven't read Paul Torday's novel.

I do recommend movie and just hope that if you have seen or will watch trailer do not get the same impression and expectative that I got.


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Kamis, 28 Juni 2012

La Vie d'un Autre (Another Woman's Life)

The feature film debut by Sylvie Testud has the lightness of a romantic comedy mixed with the serious drama of a woman that in 15 years forgot everything that made her life enjoyable and has an interesting storytelling style that definitively is a great vehicle for another excellent performance by Juliette Binoche.

As Testud says "is Binoche or no one else" and I believe she was right as script has many holes -to be filled by viewer- that without a masterful actress film could have been a disaster. Can't recall the last time I saw Binoche doing comedy but while seeing those moments made think about joyful Binoche of earlier movies and made me happy, very happy. Most remarkable is the scene where she dances in the bateau mouche where she looks so youthful that is truly amazing.

Story starts with Marie meeting Paul, completely falling for him, going to the beach where Paul comes, having her friend inviting them to her 25th birthday party and finishing in the bedroom in a too-dark making love scene where they fall asleep. When Marie wakes up Paul is not there and room is completely different, she doesn't understand where she is or what happened; but soon she realizes that she has a son, is married to Paul, she looks older and is her 40th birthday. Story explores her amnesia quite funny until she starts to realize the woman she has become and everything gets serious. Ah! is another very French movie with a happy ending or maybe not, as has an open end that you can close as you wish.

Have to say that Juliette Binoche plays Marie when she was 25-years-old and even when is only for a few minutes is a bit odd as she looks very young but definitively not that age. But older Marie is perfect for Binoche showing her stupendous range from very light to very dramatic.

I enjoyed movie quite a lot as made me feel happy and happiness prevailed even do story went to the dramatic when Marie starts to learn who she has become. But I'm sure that I enjoyed film more because Juliette Binoche was the center of the movie and the most beautiful sights of Paris than because the story it tells. So can only recommend movie to those that enjoy watching the magnificent actress and have to watch her impressive acting abilities.


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A still from the movie

Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

Nora Ephron

Yesterday suddenly twiter went crazy with the news that Nora Ephron passed away, but serious news outlets were fast to inform that it was not true; but there was no news about her health as it hasn't been any news before that she was sick. A few hours later the news of her death was announced. I felt sad, deep sadness.

It is not until today that I'm able to honor this incredible woman as a writer, scriptwriter and filmmaker; an honor that I believe is well-deserved not only for her body of work but also for being a successful female in an industry dominated by males.

Even when she was incredibly good with words, I see Nora Ephron very visually, so I honor her with some visuals from her unforgettable scripts and movies. R.I.P.

I just realized that almost all these movies saw them in New York City, odd and strange, isn't?

Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Perhaps I had too high expectations about this film, which is absolutely understandable just because the incredible cast, but I found film to be nice as an entertaining movie and not much else. But then I should not be surprised as I haven't enjoyed much John Madden movies since his great Shakespeare in Love. Sigh.

Still film is worth-watching for the marvelous cast that deliver good performances in a story about old age that gee can't be more different than my previous reviewed film, Ann Hui's A Simple Life. Film tells the story of a group of British retirees that due to different reasons -most related to financial circumstances- take up residence in what they believe is a newly restored hotel in India, where they find a lapidated building where initially destroys their hopes for a better life but soon enough perspective changes.

Story is funny in a very darkish way, which I highly enjoy, but in my opinion there were too many cliche's and typical stereotypes that made story highly predictable for me, which I don't particularly enjoy, and this time the voyage to a predictable destination was not as enjoyable even when was colorful in many ways more than the good visual imagery.

But who could resist watching a film with Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith and more great British actors? Not me and bet that not many of you, so go and watch film for feel-good entertaining purposes, with not much expectations, surely you will have a good time.


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桃姐 Tao jie (A Simple Life)

A movie with a very touching story, so much that when reading reviews by most serious professional reviewers I found they tend to talk more about story than about movie, which is not common at all. Yes story is powerful, but I have to recognize that Ann Hui filmmaking and storytelling abilities plus outstanding performances by Deanie Ip and Andy Lau is what makes story and movie absolutely out of the ordinary.

But we have to recognize that story is so powerful also because is inspired on real-life events, the story of Hong Kong movie producer Roger Lee. This is poignant, bittersweet, heartwarming story is all about old age, about a lifelong life of caring and loving, about death and about the relationship between a man and his amah, a disappearing breed of domestic helpers who devote lifelong service to a single family. Some say that is a simple story and indeed it seems like, but to me story has many layers as nothing is simpler in a tale about a master and a servant, about a maid that takes more care of you than your own mother, a family member that is not recognized as such while serving you but that in this story gets recognition when she needs it most, in the twilight of her life. Beautiful story, very-well told that made me use a lot of tissues after feeling joy, happiness, and smiled with the subtle humor that is amazingly used to prepare viewers for the final farewell.

But film has impressive credentials with high production values, a director that excels when dealing with everyday reality and manages to extract from her leads award-winning performances from veteran Hong Kong actors that look and feel grounded in life and never forced. For some still unclear reason I tend to relate storytelling style more to Japanese cinema than Chinese as film style made me think of a few Japanese films that so beautifully deal with life and death.

As we know film premiered in competition at the 2011 Venice fest were won many accolades, including Deanie Ip wining the Volpi Cup for Best Actress and became Hong Kong submission to Oscar; but film, director and actors swept the most prestigious Asian awards.

You may say that this is a very local story belonging only to Chinese culture, but not me as I know that story applies to many cultures where live-in, in-house maids are a reality, like for example all countries in Latin America, a region where is still common to have had and have lifelong maids that care for several family generations but where is still sort of taboo to talk about this understated family member.

I strongly recommend film as must be seen but have to recognize that it may not be for everyone as believe that audiences from countries without maids, servants will not connect to story much, consequently will be hard for them to sustain the showing of everyday life little details for almost two hours.

I simply loved movie that touched me beyond what I could imagine and me using many tissues was a very positive, heartwarming experience as there is nothing more worth-feeling that movies that shake all your emotions.

Big Enjoy!!!

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Minggu, 24 Juni 2012

Kärlekens krigare (Warriors of Love)

Have seen old movies like this one, but lately seems like not many filmmakers are revisiting the style as probably is not easy to sustain for viewers as has extremely long shots with fix camera, extremely slow-pace, sort of experiential style that no longer is experimental, deadpan expressionless performances, dialogues with no characters in screen and only two actors that pretend to be something they are not. Yes is quite hard to watch this movie that was in competition at 2009 Locarno in the Filmmakers of the Present section.

If visually is hard to watch because the storytelling style, story is quite disturbing and style only makes it more disturbing; still have in my mind some of the dialogue and I hope to fast get rid of as the coldness when delivering the lines is chilling, disturbing and that's how I'm hearing the words again in my head. Awful.

Film story has been labeled as the "lesbian Romeo and Juliet"; I can assure you that there is nothing in here slightly resembling the Shakespeare story, as tells about a couple of young women (actress look adult but dress like teens, odd effect) that go to the countryside where the father of Ida lives, slowly and in the most disturbing way (only with words that many times are worst than images) we learn that the father abused her, so they decide to kill him. I watched with most disgust until this moment as afterwards story became really silly and -please excuse my word- stupid. As I will not recommend watching this movie will spoil the story, in the end the women hang themselves to death.

I have seen very disturbing movies, but this one besides being quite disturbing is VERY unpleasant to watch, truly disgusting, no matter the great black and white cinematography. So, I strongly suggest you skip this very unpleasant movie.


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Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Rompecabezas (The Puzzle)

An objective camera introduces us to a woman moving in her small kitchen doing all sort of dishes with extreme precision and care, as we leave the kitchen we notice there are many people outside which made me think of a typical Sunday lunch, but soon enough as we continue to see how the woman so expertly moves among them bringing the food, how people converse, eat we notice is a home party. A celebration, for her children? her husband? No, is the 50-years-old birthday party for María del Carmen.

Quite a fantastic very-long and chaotic opening for the debut film by Natalia Smirnoff that takes us into a very ordinary Latin American middle class family where the mother lives a common life as the sole household keeper of a family where she is the only woman. If you know Latin America you know this "happy" family and if you don't know this side of the world what you saw -and will see- could surprise you and probably will set your mind in a direction that's not intended, but try to remember that this is a common, ordinary happy family and the word "happy" is the key.

What follows is how María del Carmen (great María Onetto), the woman that so diligently prepared her own 50-years-old celebration, becomes alive, leaves her ordinary everyday happy life, her anonymity as a family member and flourishes as a human being, which in the end makes her a better person, wife, and mother. It's an amazing, beautifully told, uplifting story that I can't say is original but nevertheless is quite compelling and engaging.

Surely I enjoyed this little movie more than most people will as I love to do puzzles which transport me to the only zone where my mind stops thinking, goes blank and allows me to full-concentrate into only one thing. Somehow I was able to feel exactly that with this movie that as any puzzle, has pieces all over and is you, the viewer, who has to put them together to gasp what really this movie is all about besides the ordinary tale of a woman that found peace, solace and motivation in doing puzzles.

Film is impressive as a debut for a filmmaker that used to work mostly in casting as has very high production values, director got amazing performances by well-known Argentinean actors, and clearly presents us with a very interesting director that crafts her work very carefully, taking her time and not rushing. Definitively she is in my radar and will follow her career. Now is no surprise why film premiered in competition at the 2010 Berlinale and collected honors in the fest circuit.

But, yes, there is one important but. Definitively movie is NOT for all audiences and my best reference is that if you liked Pablo Giorgelli's Las Acacias, then surely you will like this movie that has slow pace, lots of silences, mostly expressionless performances, relies in showing common/ordinary situations, has the "feeling" that nothing happens, and at moments, has some soapy melodramatic characters reactions, which cut the smooth flow and allows you to recapitulate, take a breath, to continue looking for pieces of this puzzle.

When reading about movie discovered many relating this movie to Caroline Bottaro's Joueuse (Queen to Play) which I didn't do spontaneously but recognize that the plot essence is similar, a game that propels change in a woman. Here is a puzzle in the other is chess. Having seen both movies I find them different and with my love for French cinema in mind, I have to say that I find this Argentinean French production to be better as Natalia Smirnoff's storytelling technique is highly superior while Bottaro's was definitively mainstream cinema.

I strongly recommend movie to those that like Latin American great cinema and the particular storytelling style described in previous paragraph. Then, this is a movie that all women of certain age should watch as story definitively will uplift your spirit.

Big Enjoy!!!

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Hi Friends As I did say,, we had last week some crazy days, first day of huracan i had to sail with 3,7 because my 3,3 is broken, the day after was even stronger but i didnt think too much about it and i was straight to LPwindsurf shop to take a borrow 3.3 sail,o my god what a diferent being with 3,7 with this wind is kind of crazy because very hard to hold it.Thanks to LPWindsurf I could ejoy much better the session. Here couple of pics from the first day with the 3,7 super powered up,everybody was with 3,3 or 3,4 was super strong but i manage to take some control with the 3,7, a bit crazy sometimes but I could hold it,, pics taken by a friend, Fernando(Nagui) Thanks mate you are a professional,jeje. I'm unlucky I have not any picture of the day after with the 3.3, I have to say,long time i didnt jump that high,ridiculous.....I had lot of fun.Now is not wind soo we can take a bit of rest.Let's see what is next. I think soon we will score good again, will keep you update. Saludos Jonas Ceballos E-40

Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

Cчастье моё -Schastye Moye (My Joy)

An impressive feature film debut by Sergei Loznitsa that marveled my eyes beyond the huge expectations I had as everything I visually and auditively admire in cinema is found here, long takes, fix camera, hand-held camera, outstanding compositions, excellent framing, light, absence of light, playing with shadows, darkish palette and long-very-long silences. As a matter of fact, I'm sure that if I turn off audio, will understand everything that happens, that's how powerful images are and how inconsequential words are in this film.

Camera is by none other than Oleg Mutu, better known to me for his amazing work in outstanding 4 luni, 3 saptamâni si 2 zile (4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days) and Moartea domnului Lazarescu (The Death of Mr. Lazarescu), and with Loznitsa direction becomes truly masterful, not almost perfect but unbelievably perfect.

Then there is no time in film, so many might see a collection of stories joint by the main character that's always present in the present; not me I saw something else, but timeless narrative is done so impressively flawless that mixing up past and present also becomes inconsequential to what you will see as in this tale there are no reasons, just isolated facts that give a portrait of what might or might not be truth, but definitively portraits human behavior of the not-good kind. A behavior set in Ukraine or Russia here, but that applies everywhere.

While watching and very early in film I saw Tarkovsky imagery but once the main character grows a beard it became Loznitsa imagery. In story I saw Haneke, yes Him, as he also portrayed (less graphically) similar behavior in The White Ribbon; but Loznitsa broken-ish narrative with necessary and graphic violence belongs to him. This is a unique style (or non-style as Loznitsa calls it) and the only practical consequence I have is me "dying" to see his next film, In the Fog.

So what's story all about? Reality after years of incomprehensible war and the consequences in the population, abuse of power, petty thieves, sexual abuse, authority incompetence, lying, passiveness, violence, killing, and many more nouns related to behavior of the not-good kind.

Some say that this is a movie that everyone should see and I agree, but I know that not many people stand more than two hours watching very slow-pace, not really knowing what's going on, expressionless performances, very little emotions while doing whatever they do, long silences, long shots, etc., so definitively this movie is not for everyone but for those that LOVE visual movies and can wait until the end to decode the story -everything- they saw.

If you haven't seen this 2010 Cannes in competition film I strongly recommend it to you as one must be seen movie that you can revisit as many times as you wish, just to marvel yourself on how magnificent cinema can be.

Big Enjoy!!!

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Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Entre Piernas

I wasn't going to write about this awful movie but then maybe I'll be doing a favor to many when I say that this movie is one to avoid, skip as is SO bad in every sense that yes, had to fast-forward just to see what happens with the lesbian interest story. Then film borders porn on the male/female sex and fantasy scenes plus lesbian scenes are obviously done for male audiences.

With absolutely horrendous acting, terrible script and terrible directing film tells a story that looks like the Mexican version of the mix of the plots of Imagine Me and You plus The Sex Monster , more the later than the first, but script even duplicated some situations of the first. The result is truly awful.

If you like lesbian interest movies and wish to see "everything" then the only way to see movie is to fast-forward to the two women moments as otherwise is impossible to endure the movie. By the way movie is available to watch for free -available only in Spanish-, so browse the net and you easily will find it.


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Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

Un Monstre à Paris (A Monster in Paris)

With an entertaining story and great animation Bibo Bergeron movie is excellent for having a great escape moment, that's it if you enjoy animation from where has become the most cutting-edge animation in the world, France.

I was not lucky enough to see the film in its French version, so I missed the voices of Ludivine Sagnier and François Cluzet among other French actors and had to conform myself with the English version that included Vanessa Paradis doing the English version of her original French version of Lucille. I suggest that if you can watch the original version as always there is something "lost in translation". Nevertheless English version has Sean Lennon playing the singing voice of Francœur, which is a nice positive surprise.

Film tells the story of a "lovely" monster (a huge flea) that terrorizes 1910 Paris citizens and how Lucille, Emile and Raoul join forces to uncover the "real" monster in the story.

Film was nominated for Best Animated Film and Best Original Music at the 2012 César Awards and was screened in several film festivals where collected some honors. Was listening to the French original score and definitively sounds a lot better than the English version, perhaps I should watch movie again in French.

It's a feel good story and movie that will entertain younger and younger-at-heart audiences and as such I do recommend it.


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Senin, 11 Juni 2012

頤和園 Yihe yuan (Summer Palace)

Lou Ye's films have eluded me but finally I was able to watch this 2006 Cannes in competition film and I was not prepared for what I watched at all. I really love what I call non-commercial Chinese cinema especially from those directors in the so-called The Fifth Generation (like Zhang Yimou, for example) and The Sixth Generation (like Jia Zhangke) that I believe have a peculiar and particular style in their films. But if one director blows completely my mind is Wong Kar-wai with his unique style to tell so-called moody romance stories; well, that's it until I saw this movie.

According to what I read, Lou Ye belongs to The Six Generation and yes I can see the impressive realistic style in this movie as more than once gives the impression of watching cinéma vérité but this movie has something else that I have seen not before in Chinese movies much less in the work of The Six Generation directors I have seen. First there is a clear drama with an intense-love story that abounds elsewhere but not among Chinese filmmakers; so intense, both in story as in visuals, that film seems to me like a fusion of European (more French) style with Chinese style and believe me, the end result is amazing if you love both styles. Second, love/sex scenes are so visually explicit and raw that definitively I have not seen anything similar in "good" Chinese cinema, not even in the explicit sex scenes of Ang Lee's Lust, Caution. Third, movie story mixes fiction and reality creating an illusion that perhaps talks more about "truth" that if director decided to portrait only "truth" (which obviously was impossible as he/film would be banned). I could go on, but these three aspects are the basic ones to give you an idea of what you will seen in film.

Films tells an epic story that spans to several cities and over a decade but basic plot rotates around Yu Hong (Hao Lei) a young woman from Tumen, who is accepted to a fictional university in Beijing. There she meets Li Ti (Hu Lingling) and become close friends. Li Ti introduces Zhou Wei (Guo Xiadong) to Yu Hong and her life is changed forever as Zhou Wei becomes her obsessive love and obsession is mutual. But they have a volatile love affair, probably as volatile as the political forces that are moving towards Tiananmen Square. This story happens in what I call the first movie as storytelling style is very different to what follows in the second movie.

Second movie starts after the Tiananmen Square with the three main characters parting ways as Yu Hong returns to Tumen while Li Ti and Zhou Wei emigrate to Germany. Won't tell you more details of what happens but in the end complete story for me is about how unprepared where the Chinese to live in the "new" Chinese society, more specific, how unprepared were to live in (so-called) "freedom". Very interesting story told, again, mixing fiction and fact.

I was absolutely mesmerized by first movie as I think I was in shock of watching the "perfect" mélange of European/Chinese visual and narrative styles and yes I had my "what is this" moment as how could I imagine what I was seeing with no previous reference? Soon enough I got involved, forgot about thinking and started to only enjoy the fantastic ride. Second movie came a bit as a downer as wonderful style becomes more arid, dry, has more light but there are lots of foggy/hazy/greyish scenes. Obviously the second movie style was used to complement the story narrative that also is a lot more arid, dry, grey than first part. Fantastic.

For occidental standards is a long movie as has 140 minutes, I'm used to see "long" movies but not often I can spend that amount of time in awe with my mouth open unable to stop watching for a second, unable to move. That's how much I was affected by this movie that I enjoyed beyond my wildest expectations, but then I had no expectations at all, so perhaps that's why I got the intense reaction.

I strongly recommend this movie (if you haven't seen it yet) as definitively is a must be seen for those that enjoy European, mainly French, cinema as well as excellent Chinese cinema. Not surprisingly share that I have to see "everything" by Lou Ye to understand more how he evolved his amazing storytelling style up to this 2006 film and how he continue evolving with his subsequent movies.

Big Enjoy!!!

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Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

Il Richiamo (The Call)

A small movie with a small story that absolute grows exponentially in front of you, fast quite fast thanks to the most wonderful camera that produces awesome Buenos Aires and Patagonia beauty shots, very good tech specs, good performances and a hand that merges all together so well that's not easy to believe that this is the second film by Stefano Pasetto. Beautiful movie, very beautiful movie.

Film tells the story of two very different women, Lea (Francesca Inaudi) and Lucia (Sandra Ceccarelli), the first wanting to live her life to the fullest the other living a suffocating tedious life, how they meet and how they go to one of the most beautiful places in the world, La Patagonia. Their story is a love/attraction tale that is underdeveloped as such, as to me is the excuse to explore momentaneous freedom away from urban responsibilities. So even do has all the elements to make it attractive to those that enjoy the lesbian interest genre, I'm afraid is not at all the usual movie in the genre as not only transcends the two-women story but also the storytelling style will not please many.

But that's exactly what makes this movie great as the narrative and visual storytelling style is truly compelling, engaging and remarkable, making the experience a very interesting cinematic one when you enjoy films that are more visual than dialogue or situation oriented. But let me remark that film has a very coherent visual narrative, so good that probably if you turn off sound you will be able to tell what movie is all about.

Confess that was a surprise as decided to watch because the lesbian interest label, but definitively in difference to the previous reviews, this movie belongs to genre but absolutely transcends it so much that I'm sure many will not enjoy it as also doesn't have a positive ending. So, if you watch for the same reason as me, be aware that story might disappoint you, but maybe, maybe you will enjoy this great movie.

Strongly recommend this movie to those that enjoy European movies as even if is an Argentinean co production, film looks and feels more Italian/European than Latin American cinema. Yes I enjoyed movie a lot and this is the kind of movie that I can watch twice or more and still enjoy what I see.


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Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

Le Chant des Mariées (The Wedding Song)

A very beautiful to watch film with an interesting story in a context full of ideological, religion, social and sexual conflicts, done with slow pace and awesome visual poetry that will stimulate all your senses beyond whatever you imagined about film.

Karin Albou's sophomore feature is filmed with subtle eroticism and dreamy intimacy to show the amazing tale of an intimate bond between two 16-year-old girls, Nour, Muslim and Myriam, Jewish, set in Nazi-occupied Tunisia in 1942. Nour eagerly anticipates her wedding to a cousin while Myriam furiously resists the engagement to a much older doctor, a marriage of convenience. With this context story evolves with situations that tend to separate the two girls, but their love prevails among everything that happens.

I know this is not a clearly lesbian interest story as Nour and Myriam have a strong love-friendship, BUT film in more than one occasion transpires an attraction between both characters that makes movie must be seen for all that like the genre. Then you have an end that you can close with whatever you wish to imagine and no need to guess what I imagine as after men left her lives, there is only one thing they can do.

It's a beautiful movie done with very high production values, telling an interesting war set story that could touch you with the little-known Tunisian Nazi-occupation history; but please do not expect a regular movie as film has a French storytelling style where what is not said perhaps is more important than what is said. So expect silences where face and body expressions tell all, slow pace, beautiful compositions, great framing, a palette that plays with greys and blues, and some truly amazing poetry.

Since almost the beginning movie mesmerized me with the visuals and story slowly got me inside, but once inside I couldn't leave, not even after movie ended as my mind went on and on with everything I saw. I highly recommend movie and hope you have a great cinema experience as the one I had.


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Kamis, 07 Juni 2012


I just saw this picture on my friend Dani Miquel blogsite,I think was during the world cup in pozo in 2009,good memories.....Thanks Dani Miquel for this great memory. Today pozo it looks like a lake,totally glassy and very warm weather but the storm is coming.Saludos

Rabu, 06 Juni 2012


Hi Friends As I told you we had few days of rest and then couple of windys days came but really gusty,wind is coming too north and it make the wind in the south east coast be very unstable, I had a very bad sailing because was too chopy the gusty winds and i came out a bit tired of working but i had a nice session anyways just be in water it makes you feel good, Dani Miquel was in the shore taking some pictures also i had some fun together with Victor and Klaas was also around there.This afternoom the wind just turn over to south wind,some people taking some glassy wave at the bunker with the paddlesurf.It look's a very strong high presure its coming for next week,I think we gonna get the first crazy days of summer,will keep you update. Thanks Dani Miquel for the picture. Saludos Jonas Ceballos E-40

Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

The Perfect Family

I think the key word to describe Anne Renton debut feature film is Comedy as this film above all is that, a comedy. I laughed a little as is almost impossible not to laugh at all the silliness movie has and please remember that I don't like comedies, I don't like American humor and is very hard for me to laugh -only dark, very dark, humor makes me laugh. So even when I don't really know -or don't want to know- why I laugh with this comedy, I did. Surprise.

My biggest surprise was to discover how controversial this movie is around the net as I wasn't expecting that at all. But then, when thinking more deeply, controversy is understandable as movie story deals with Catholicism and everything that religion doesn't accept or more clearly, condemns. Divorce, adultery, homosexuality, same sex marriage, child out of wedlock, abortion, and alcoholism are some of the themes that pop out from story; but the funny thing is that all pops out after I think a lot, not while watching this movie where I somehow liked the lightness and the non-preaching style used to tell a story told so many times before.

Film tells the story of one very religious mom that is competing for a Church award that could bring the ultimate prize: absolute absolution from your sins. And she needs that kind of absolution as even when she has behaved exemplary, as many, she has hidden sins. So story starts when she's told about the nomination to Woman of the Year thanks to all she has done for the Church in her community and her perfect family. But her family is far from perfect as his son left his family and is seeing an older woman, her daughter lives with another woman, is about to get married and is pregnant; and her husband a recuperated alcoholic is getting tired of living a life of lies. She is unable to accept anything, she's in denial, tries to meddle in their family affairs and in the end the very predictable story is all about accepting everything. Yes, story is worth of Lifetime channel and so it is movie as a movie.

But somehow movie is more watchable than many other movies with similar themes and style, which was highly surprising for me. Movie has a lesbian interest secondary story that I find quite enjoyable as I found it to be quite playful with something else that will share. The daughter, Shannon is played by Emily Deschanel -better known as Bones for many-, her partner who becomes her spouse is Angela (Angelique Cabral), and in another story Bones and Angela love each other too, in a different way, that many will like to see evolve like it does here. So funny even if is coincidental, or perhaps is not.

Anyway movie is not a masterpiece in any sense but is good enough to have a fun entertainment moment if you just enjoy the ride in the predictable story and forget about all the controversial message that many see, even when unfortunately most is a portrait of reality for many all over the world. Sigh.


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Senin, 04 Juni 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Not much to say about Rupert Sanders debut except that special effects are fantastic but he definitively has to improve his directorial skills as I found his story telling style dull when story had so much potential to be an action oriented film with a bit of drama, romance and perhaps even some mystery. But definitively there is nothing of the above, just a very noisy action that makes your seat shake and your ears explode.

As some of you know I have been following Kristen Stewart career well before she became a celebrity and have enjoyed her not-blockbuster movies as well as the Twilight saga. But I'm still objective and have to admit that in this movie in the hands of an inexperienced director she tends to be not good and seems like she's lost with no clear direction. Unfortunately the same happens with Charlize Theron and all the other great British actors that populate the movie.

But then movie is a blockbuster that has collected lots of money around the world, a movie that definitively is targeted to teenagers who will watch once and a few times again. So for whatever is worth, is not bad as an escape moment but not much else.

A second installment is in the works, be assured that this time I'll wait for the Blu Ray so I can lower the volume when the noisy action gets almost unbearable to sustain. Don't get me wrong I have an eclectic taste for movies and as a reference check what I say about Hunger Games, which yes I enjoyed beyond my expectations. Unfortunately this franchise is no Hunger Games at all.

Haven't watch it yet? Strongly suggest you wait to watch it in the comfort of your home.

Enjoy. (Just for the great special effects)

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Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012


Hello Friends Finally i had some time to upload my blog,,,I'm very busy working hard at my new home,,taking away all garbage,putting new flor in the garden,paiting and many things doing on it,I wanted to take a picture while working but not time for it,it would have been nice to have a photo at work and see myself full of cement,tell you, very funny picture,hahaha,,beside this I had some time to ejoy in the water,last week we have had a few strongs days,not much wave going on but at least some wind to play with. I'm very happy that my knee is getting use to it again,,is soo good go for a botton turn or for a jump and feel not pain,,not really apreciate it this small things untill the injury comes.Now we having some brake but not for to long,,jeje.Last week I saw Klaas Voget around here, Today I saw my ex team mate and friend Victor FDZ around here with his girlfriend,long time i dindn't see him,people starting to come for some training,looking foward to have a couple session with him and a barbacoe for sure.;-) Hope you like the picture. Saludos Jonas Ceballos

Jumat, 01 Juni 2012


A film promoted to be about student prostitution that ends up being an examination of society, loneliness, and sexuality. Which is absolutely fabulous as movie turns out to be all about Anne and Anne is none other than Juliette Binoche. It's been a while since I see Binoche in such an intense role, a role that allows her to showcase her immense greatness as an actress.

There are few scenes that are stuck in my mind and know that will replay them often as her face says so much that's unbelievable how Binoche can deliver so well emotions with subtle eyes and mouth movements. This is her movie and well, is not the regular kind of movie she has been doing lately.

Film tells about Anne, a journalist for Elle, that his latest assignment is about student prostitution. But Anne works at home and I have the impression that most of the movie happens in or nearby the kitchen. Film is not sequential and the only way I could follow what was going on is noticing the costumes; but there are three basic storylines, one is the park interview with Charlotte (Anaïs Demoustier), another is the living room interview with Alicja (Joanna Kulig) and the third is what happens to Anne after those interviews. Charlotte and Alicja answer Anna's questions and most are recreated, so in between you will see quite graphic sex. If you ask me the recreations are done to show what Anne was thinking while trying to work on the article, as that's exactly how the movie starts. Won't say more as you have to watch movie to see what happens to Anne.

As a film is good but editing, even do I know was used to show how Anne compares her world and life with that of the girls, was on the too-much side. Sometimes scissors are better in the kitchen than in the editing room and this one is one of those occasions. But tech specs are impeccable with some great compositions that showcase Juliette Binoche splendidly. So Malgorzata Szumowska has composed an interesting film if you enjoy what I'm going to call a very French story/film in the hands of a developing Polish director; a film that shows her talent and tells about a possible bright future. Film was screened at the 2012 Berlinale in the Panorama Special section and Anaïs Demoustier collected the 2012 Etoile d'Or for the Best Female Newcomer, an award given by the Presse du Cinéma Français.

This is not a lesbian interest movie but then maybe, as the living room interview is one of the most incredibly hot scenes that I have seen lately but unfortunately when something surely happens camera goes blur and all is left to your imagination; but you get some clues, like when Anne is in the kitchen cleaning the coquilles, that will allow you to pinpoint whatever you imagined. So I'll give the label, but be aware that there is a lot of graphic sex between the young women and their customers.

No need to tell you how much I enjoyed film, mainly because has an incredible performance by Juliette Binoche in an intense role and if you have to see everything with Binoche -like me- then this movie is absolutely must be seen for you. Nevertheless I know that many will not like the film that unfortunately was sensationalized by absurd marketing that promotes story as student prostitution when film has not much to do with it.


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17 Filles (17 Girls)

Coulin sisters debut movie has great visuals and is full of light but the story it tells I'm sure that generates quite different reactions; reactions that will be propelled by individuals beliefs and culture as one of society most conflicting issues is teen pregnancy and this film story is inspired by the 2008 American incident where 18 girls from the same high school got pregnant.

In my opinion what this film shows and the real-life incident have only one thing in common, a collective teenagers pregnancy and nothing else. Had to comment on all of the above as after reading reviews in English I got impressed on how much you can project your culture when writing about movie story, just browse the net and be prepared to read strong negative comments about the story and consequently the movie. I'm going to break my golden rule and will share what I saw in movie which probably will have spoilers; so if you don't like spoilers please stop reading.

On the surface movie tells about one girl that gets pregnant, influences her close circle of friends to also become pregnant and the effect extends to other school mates to end up having 17 pregnant girls. This story is not pleasant to watch as girls are brilliant and beautiful, but no matter how you analyze their behavior -getting pregnant- there is no positive outcome.

But this story, also written Delphine and Muriel Coulin, explores their motives -above the obvious peer pressure- and is in this exploration where you get the unsettling message that speaks about young girls dreaming about their own world far away from the adults world. Coulin sisters decided to transport the American story to a small town near the sea in the orient of France where population are mostly middle-to-lower class who in all of Europe are the ones that have been hit the most by recession. In these girls dreams, their future is not bright as they probably will have it even harder that the already hard life their parents -the adults- have; so they recur to dream a fantasy where each will have their child but after all together will help each other. To me dream was like life in a commune. Maybe if they were far from adults their lives could be better. When the fantasy is over , detonated by one of the girls having an accident, the others have their children and they had to face reality. Film ends.

This is the second movie I watch recently that touches the unsettling future that youth has. Not easy to digest and less easy to accept; but our world moves in circles and this dark perspective was also present in the past, so let's hope that eventually there will be a solution and the circle will open again.

Returning to movie, this is what directors' say related to their exploration.

"Nos filles ont pris conscience que la vie des adultes, dans leur petite ville, n’est pas très enviable, mais elles ne voient pas ce qui pourrait leur donner une existence trépidante. (...) Elles ont des rêves communs, et hors du commun : elles construisent une utopie. Ces filles idéalistes, que rien n’arrête, décident de se lancer dans une grande aventure, envers et contre tout."

Story no matter if you only see the surface or both is not easy to watch, but the Coulins sisters dressed the movie with beautiful actresses, some well-known and most non-actors, good performances, nice almost infantile (against teen) situations, some beautiful sights full of light and opted to tell story without emotions, as even when there was drama -like the accident or the angry father- you are a spectator, you are detached, you are not inside the story and you will never be. To me the style is remarkable and quite effective for telling disturbing stories.

This is another very French brainy movie that definitively is not for all audiences but for those that do not mind to think while or after watching a movie, as otherwise you'll only see a not pleasant to watch story. Film was screened at the 2011 Cannes fest in the Semaine de la Critique parallel section and collected some honors in French fests.

While watching there was one sentence in my mind: beautiful smart stupid girls. Yes I reacted to the evident story and was not until movie was almost over when I got what this movie was all about. I enjoyed the experience and yes, I do recommend watching film with a very open mind.


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